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NDestinationUnknown (nDU) unmasked - Fake UFO uploader

Seems like "Thirdphaseofmoon" his clone account applies different tactics the pollute YouTube with obviously fake videos. On 3rd Face's account you see the comments of the deceived YouTube user who just waisted the previous few seconds loading the video and the irritation that it caused. (I don't count time to watch, as they probably won't because they'll see fake dripping of of it everywhere.) This new YT account goes by the name of NDestinationUnknown, with it's self chosen abbreviation "DU" shown in an explosion. (think it's a hint for the utter trash contents of his channel, they slowly kill(frustrate) your search and want mutate your opinion about UFOs and the recordings there off.) And the tactics applied are slightly different, as to curb the unending stream of critique and verbal attacks that 3rd fees was enduring. And it doesn't help if the highest rated comment under the vid is and angry user whose time was wasted, again. This time your comment has to be approved by the uploaded, and low and behold, none and I mean absolutely ZERO negative comment. For the same footage as 3rd vase clone. It doesn't even make you doubt. In this clip I check most of the accounts that left a comment at this garbage. (freaks they must be, have you ever seen somebody in the street complementing the garbage that is waiting outside to be collected) And as I show, the only activity is giving "NDestinationUnknown" his crap a thumbs up and a comment praising him. It is to be expected of ...

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