Secret Underground Bases of the Elite hiding alien technology + black-ops projects

Presented by Edward Alexander of http://www.Maggador.comExposing the secret underground bases of the governments and those in power, where Illuminati and the NWO are building their secret plans, working on alien technology, carry out black-ops projects and develop suppressed science such as teleportation, time travel and mind control methods. These are also the hidden bunkers TPTB have ready for when the SHTF with close to unlimited supply for themselves, independent self-run power and electricity, so they can duck and cover when the rest of the world falls apart. Insiders have provided the footage from the bases and information to reveal these, and now you can have a look inside yourself. These are placed all over the world, but most notably in famous locations like Roswell, Area-51, Montauk, Nevada etc.

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