David Icke - Taking Responsibility,Disconnecting From The Mind Parasites & Taking Your Power Back

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David Icke's Amazing 10-hour Wembley Arena Event Can Be Seen Here Until January 26th - http://www.davidicke.com/wembley/ GrEENZILLA - Life's A Beautiful Journeyhttp://www.davidicke.comhttp://www.youtube.com/user/jeremy2k7Lifes battles of ones self, always contained courageand inner wealth. go in the mirror count the timesu cry, look into your friends eyes as they die.Eveything that comes together keep it inside, every hurdlethat you jump, keep it set high Every time your turnedto stone in life, make that granite set hard in timeLife lost, take it back, do things outta dedicationand ONLY THAT. From the ground up create dedicationthat creats a foundation of a better sensation. Andlife is a beautiful journey, that all the pain in yourheart was well worth earning. And cant be taken backbut neither can your life, and your fine with that.Lifes a beautiful journey, when your with meA journey, when your wit me.When, I'm alive.Emptiness coats your heart like 24k gold from the start and nothing you can ever do can ever change itthe only thing you can ever do is re-arrange it.Why spending your life avoiding mistakes when its mymistakes I would never trade away. Simplistic capa-bilities turn into things that make me just like walk-ing artillary. This recollection, is nothing but, a collection, something that turns into infectionand something in the hearts of men those who exper-ienced pain, and life is a beautiful journey, and allthe pain in your heart was well worth earning. Itcant be taken back and neither can your life - andyour'e fine wit that.Lifes a beautiful journey, when your with meA journey, when your wit me.When, I'm alive.

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