Levitation by ghosts or other energy rising girl from bed - What's going on S01E02

Presented by Edward Alexander of http://www.Maggador.comWoman levitating up in the air while sleeping in her bed. She claims spirits have been terrorizing her at night, leaving bruises and marks on her body. Could this be real poltergeist activity by some ghost, or is it herself levitating from inner energies or could there be other explanations to this phenomena?Episode 02 , Season 01 of new short presentation show "What's going on?" which deals with alternative news, conspiracies, the paranormal & supernatural, ancient mysteries, suppressed science, cryptozoology, the esoteric & occult, the unexplained, metaphysics and spiritualityLICENSING INFORMATION:Produced, directed & cast by Edward Alexander, PleiadianTalk TV ( http://www.PleiadianTalk.com / http://www.Maggador.com)Intro music & Sound Effects: Public domain / royalty-free by free intro creater http://www.Flixpress.comContains visual material under CC BY (Creative Commons) license from http://www.youtube.com/attribution?v=Cxl_laGE_sI

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