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Unexplained Light Formation Spotted Above San Francisco December 2012

A viewer told CBS 5 about some surprising video captured early Sunday morning in San Francisco's Mission District.In the video, a series of lights fly in formation above the city before appearing to take a diamond shape and eventually disappearing.Several commenters on the Mission Mission blog said that they had also noticed the aircraft.The video, which shows seven lights in a row, was shot by Enrique Barrios with his cellphone."Looked like flame, you know, fireballs in the sky," Barrios said in an interview with CBS 5.David Shelley took pictures as the lights hovered over him early Sunday Morning. "Kind of looked like a fiery, floaty thing," he said.Witnesses said the lights flickered on and off, then took different shapes."So in the beginning they looked like flying candles, and then afterwards they started making formations, triangular formations," said Barrios.This video was uploaded by ADGUKNEWS

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