Let Them Eat Grass - The Food Freedom Revolution - First 6 minutes of a new documentary

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Do you feel and think that governments have the right to deprive us of our Constitutional right to grow, have and eat healthy food? Do you agree that they can force you and me to eat toxically-produced pseudo food that will eventually collect in our bodies and cause disease in most of us? We at Right To Choose Healthy Food work hard to preserve our Constitutional rights to healthy food. We do what we can to stop government actors including politicians and judges in the pockets of big agriculture and the processed-food industries from eliminating family farmers. The Vernon Hershberger family is one. Wisconsin State government charged him with producing and selling milk without license and permits. However, only owners of the of the farm consume the food produced for them by the Hershberger family. The food is stringently and safely produced just as the owners want their food produced for themselves. Governments have no business in this family-neighborhood farm where no food is distributed to the public. The foods the farm produced have never harmed anyone and there is no scientific evidence that proves it could harm anyone. The State is acting like mafia saying, "Do things our way, pay us for allowing you to feed yourselves, but still in a few years, we will bankrupt you and close your farm." The families who own the Hershberger family farm are independent, caring for themselves. They have harmed no one, there are no victims, no crime. They act to protect themselves because governments are not protecting the food supply. In fact, they aid and abet the poisoning of our food supply. Many of the farm-owners became farm-owners because processed industrial foods made them or their children very ill. Now that they have delicious health-promoting raw milk and other healthy-grown foods, they are no longer ill. There is no better science than that evidence. Please join the members of Right To Choose Healthy Food in defeating government actors, including judges, from depriving us of our Constitutional rights to grow, have and eat healthy foods with our informed and intelligent choices. Support the Hershbergers, you and your family's rights to healthy food by coming to the trial at Baraboo Courthouse, Sauk County, Wisconsin the week of January 7, 2013. It is a jury trial in which the judge is a referee and not judge of the case. People like you and I on the jury will judge the case. No matter what the law codes state, jurors have the right to nullify bad laws. It is a right in our Constitution. It is time to take our government powers back and out of the grips of power- and money- hungry corporate and government stooges behaving like mild-mannered mafia-criminals. Additionally, you can support this food-rights movement by donating to Right To Choose Healthy Food (RawMilk.org) and/or Farmer To Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Thank you for your common sense and intelligence that will allow us to regain our rights to be healthy.

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