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Possible Earthquake on 25th

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Dec 14, 2012
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Links (I just found out about this not even an hour ago): EXCLUSIVE: SUPPOSED "AWAKE" INDIVIDUALS AND HAARP Madrid zone: US map: May add links. However, part of the point of this is to incline ya'll to research it. The tags contain bullshit phrases (aliens, illuminati); the guy in the video was referring to people who were "awake" but actually not and who believe in this stuff. JonPaulPrime made me aware of this via Skype. Some more: (from Jon) Massive 'HAARP RINGS' appear over midwest USA = Severe weather (48hrs) or earthquake (5 days) These two guys seem to be the main channels that keep talking about it: dutchsinse Italianlad69 For some reason this video is/was wanted in the ad revenue program:

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