The End Times: Are you prepared? A Bodyguard, A Pastor, & A Producer answer the Big Question!

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Dec 14, 2012
  • Views: 71 Truth Denied Talk Radio Presents :Guests: Howard Stein, Pastor Steven L. Anderson & Paul WittenbergerHost: Roxy LopezWhat did Howard Stein discuss today?Today Howard updates us on his trip with his family. He is leaving Washington state and headed for Nevada for 12-21-12. Howard discusses survival skills, what you need, how to convert water in to drinking water, as well as what to bring if you are planning on surviving a catastrophic event .Howard has informaed us on past shows about events that seem to be culminating in the world, which Howard claims "are too too many signs to ignore"! If you are not prepared, you will not survive!*After the 18th Howard will be available on CB RADIO Channel 22 or 19.Producer Paul Wittenberger & Pastor Anderson Discuss their latest Documentary film CALLED "AFTER THE TRIBULATION"POINTS OF DISCUSSIONLies the church is spreadingThe rapture takes place AFTER the tribulation, and Pastor Steven Anderson proves it!What is PRETRIB Rapture, what does this mean?Humanity will never be unified because of evil in the worldChrist came to DIVIDE his people, The Pastor explains WHYThe masses are asleepIf you do not believe in Christ, will you still be "saved"?Who's choice is it to be saved?How Paul Wittenberger and the Pastor first metThe Film: After The TribulationPower & Control of the NWO (New World Order)PURCHASE THE MOVIE HERE!!/HOME

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