The Battle To Save Drakes Bay Oyster Farm - Kevin Lunny speaks out

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http://www.DefendRuralAmerica.comThis is the story of Drakes Bay Oyster Farm, located on the Pacific coast just north of San Francisco, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's decision to destroy jobs, destroy 40% of California's oyster production, exterminate millions of oysters, terminate a beloved business that has been in operation since 1934, and make families that work there both jobless and homeless.In this video, owner Kenny Lunny exposes the Department of Interior's intentional violation of California's jurisdiction, falsification of science, and disregard for both the law and the Department's own procedures in an effort to support a predetermined outcome. In a second video, his sister Ginny discusses the human dimensions of this saga.Unfortunately, their story is only one of thousands of personal stories that paint the picture of a once helpful government that has turned hostile, which uses various devices to destroy the production of quality food, water, energy, building material, mineral, and other resources that are critical to our nation's future prosperity, independence, sovereignty, and security.

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