Michael Horn Billy Meier Plejaren Case RRR RENEGADE ROGUE REVOLUTION 2012

Touchin' base with Michael Horn about Billy Meier and the Plejaren after his trip to Hong Kong. Michael was willing to share his time with us here at RRR and talk a bit about the legitimacy of the Billy Meier prophecies and The new documentary As The Time Fulfills which is available at www.theyfly.com. Human communication is on the fritz....solar flares...war... And The Plejaren according to Eduard Albert Meier are about 3500 years beyond us spiritually and technologically. They see us here on Earth as their "little brothers and sisters" and are deeply concerned about where we are headed in our own evolution and advancement. It would have been nearly impossible for 'Billy' to fake the beamships and contacts with his work as a farmer, losing his arm in an accident and livin on Switz disability with a wife and three kids.... tags billy plejaren ufos and messages from the plejaren, michael horn amy horn theyfly.com figu.org Also check out The Silent Revolution Of Truth - UFOTVstudios on YouTube or Michael's web site http rrr mh 2012 talk plej ufo alien

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