Air Force On High Alert Over UFO Reports 2012 HQ

The Sri Lanka Air Force states that it is keeping a twenty four hour vigil regarding the unidentified lights that were witnessed in the skies over several parts of the country in the recent past.

SLAF Media Spokesperson Wing Commander Shiras Jalaldeen said that no unidentified airborne craft had been picked up on radar as yet.

Menahwile, unidentified lights were witnessed in the skies over several parts of the country, on Monday as well.

An unidentified light was witnessed in the skies above Hambegamuwa in Thanamalwila at around 8.30 on Monday night.

Meanwhile, this unidentified light was captured on a mobile phone camera, in the eastern skies above Ambalanthota.

An unidentified light was also recorded on a mobile phone camera in the skies above Ihalayagoda in Gampaha.

What are these unidentified lights? If they are not UFOs, then who is responsible for informing the public as to what they are?

These are the Videos & places of UFO Sightings in "Sri Lanka" for last 2 weeks

Totally 17 Sightings as given below

2012-11-27- Halawatha, Iranavila (3.00 AM)
2012-11-27- Polonnaruwa (8.15 PM)
2012-11-30- Daddegama (Night)
2012-11-30- Bandarawela (7.30AM)
2012-12-01- Unawatuna (7.30PM)
2012-12-05- Ambalanthota (3 days 7.30PM)
2012-12-05- Vallawaya (7.30PM)
2012-12-06- Valimada (10.30AM )
2012-12-07- Anuradhapura (6.25PM)
2012-12-09- Mannar (Night)
2012-12-10- Tanamalvila (Night)
2012-12-11- Hambanthota (11.30AM)
2012-12-11- Gampaha (7.30AM)
2012-12-11- Aththidiya (Night)
2012-12-11- Pannipitiya (Night)
2012-12-11- Galgamuwa (Night)
2012-12-12- Galgamuwa (10.30PM)

These Videos are Broadcast in TV Channels in Sri Lanka (Sirasa TV, Hiru TV & Swarnavahini )










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