Alien Hybrids, Stargates & Multi-Dimensional Portals and Biblical Prophecy

Esoteric researcher & author Tom Horn discussed such topics as alien-human hybrids, stargates & multi-dimensional portals and Biblical prophecy. He also shared his family history with unusual events and encounters. His father's land had unexplained holes in it, 8-10 feet deep, that looked as though they had been burned into the ground, he recounted, adding that the location was near where Travis Walton was subsequently abducted. His niece experienced alien-type encounters and at an event in Seattle, she reported being taken to a military location where she was shown an "implant collection" that supposedly belonged to Steven Spielberg.Horn said he has come to four conclusions about the aliens: They are super-intelligent beings of unknown origin, who have been visiting since the beginning of recorded history. In their interactions they have taken human DNA for unknown purposes. It has been prophesized that they will return "en masse" at the end of the age. The beings are identical with what is described in Biblical angelology and demonology.These entities may use wormholes as stargates for travel and he cited the sudden appearance and disappearance of UFOs as possible evidence for this, as well as unexplained booming sounds which have been heard over the Pacific. According to Biblical prophecy, such portals will open at the end of time allowing for the return of multidimensional entities, he added. Biography:Tom Horn is a researcher and freelance writer whose Raiders News Update reports have been referred to by writers of the L.A. Times Syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, World Net Daily, White House Correspondents and dozens of news magazines and press agencies around the globe. Tom has appeared on numerous programs worldwide and once served as national spokesperson for Cloud Ten Picture's Movie "Deceived," starring Louis Gossett Jr. and Judd Nelson. Tom's new book, The Ahriman Gate is VMI Publishers' best selling book. Behold, the beginnings of the Human Hybrid Grey Alien Agenda(A.K.A. The Hybrid Integration Program)As science fiction as this may sound, this is the truth behind the elusive aliens that claim thousands of abductions eachyear. When abducted, many people report that they are probed and stuck with needles in and around their reproductiveorgans. This is where Grey Aliens begin the process of extracting human DNA that allows Grey Aliens to cross breedtheir own DNA and create Human/Alien Hybrids that will allow them to perpetuate their alien race.One scientist like David M. Jacobs, Director of the International Center for Abduction Research states, "aliens wouldabduct humans to cross-breed their DNA with ours and create an army of hybrid creatures that would slightly invade ourplanet. Although we may disagree with this theory and its details about aliens taking over through this program, the general idea of what is going on is there." To our knowledge, Grey Aliens and their Hybrid Program is not set out to conquer our own planet, but to solve their dyingraces' issue and continue to live among the cosmos. However, we must also remember, they were creatures created forthe sole purpose of producing nutrition for the Reptilian Race; their nutrition is negative energy, so evil intentions would suite them fine. Once someone has been abducted and placed into the infamous room with blindinglights and metallic tables, it said that they feel a sense of drowsiness, but it is not drugsthat paralyse the individual, but the telekinetic powers of the Grey Aliens that subduethe abductee. Here, men and women are carefully subdued and the process begins for the extractionof human embryos or male sperm. Grey Aliens utilize the sperm for the hybrid processwhere the DNAs are mixed, and then the sperms are inserted into the embryos. Then,they wait!In one instance, a woman reported that while abducted she was impregnated andreleased. Once the embryo reached a certain age, she was abducted again so thealiens could extract her baby and begin the mixing of the DNAs.

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