Canberra's Big Secrets: December 21 2012, Astrological Alignments and its Major Occult Significance

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Please expand for the links below.......... PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO.Canberra is the Capital of Australia, designed by Chicago architect Walter Burley Griffin. Canberra contains many esoteric secrets, astrological alignments, occult symbology and sacred geometry. Many of its big secrets have never been unveiled until this video.This is a detailed look at the design of the city and some of its bigger implications for humanity.I encourage you to email me if you have further information that will aid my research: web@jamesmacaron.comPlease visit my website for further information about my research on Canberra: http://www.jamesmacaron.comFriend me on Facebook: big picture information about what I have revealed in this video is in a book available at the website below. This website also provides information and advice about protection techniques:

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