alert massive breaking news of a black hole explosion

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Dec 17, 2012
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The light of the explosion was detected around July by NASA of a super novi caused by a black hole detected around the centre of our galaxy in the sagitarrius sagi A for short, it was a massive, massive explosion and the thing is this if the light was detected or received by NASA spacecraft around July, then it is likely six months on from then cosmic particles x rays are inbound any time now due to the slight variation in speed of particles and the lesser speed of cosmic rays with regard to the speed of light. I will show you the official 3 photos taken by NASA of the black hole gobbling up a star and showing you the explosion before it happens, as it happens, and after it has happened. You will have to call back within 8 hrs of this video due to the length of time it takes to upload them, this is ground breaking news and all too relevant to the time and predictions made by the mayans, i cannot emphasise to you guys how big this is. Best Gene ps This event that NASA has seen and photographed happened thousands of yrs ago or even longer, i want you to think about how long it takes light to travel from the centre of our galaxy to the position where our solar system is in the spiral arm, thats why NASA knew what was coming next 4 yrs ago guys or probably longer.

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