Virgin Birth of Jesus proved by a heretic Gnostic in spirit.Men of letters are spiritually dead-3.

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Hi Brethren,

Virgin Birth of Jesus proved by a heretic Gnostic in spirit.Men of letters are spiritually dead-3.

Further, people knew that Jesus has come in the line of David among these satanic people of Judah tribe, who had become the bad characters. But when a woman saw Jesus doing good “deeds” worthy of the qualities (salt) of old King David, then she remarked, “You are a real son, salt, of David” in qualities but not in quantity or in flesh. Remember that Jesus healed many Jewish people but hardly anyone of them thanked him whilst a Gentile, who was healed not only thanked Jesus but he also accompanied him. Jews liked the Synagogue and the Torah more than the Gospel of Spirit that the Gentile appreciated.

Whilst the Gentile who were considered by the smart people of the BOOK, the so called Jews, to be the "simpletons", the “stones”, Goyeishi Koppa, become the great religious people of "spirit", the Saints and earned the fame that organisations like the present "Good Samaritan" openly speak of. About the Gentile, Christ Philip Said, “A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die”. Second call at the Marriage of the Son, Christ Jesus was to the Gentile and they filled the Banquette Hall or became Apostles in great numbers.

Now, the tribal "identity" of "flesh" establishes one's link or "covenant" with our ancestors or Adam and by doing so one becomes a "son of Man", which Jesus termed as the "wheat" plants, that our heavenly father, the demiurge "creator" of male and female Yahweh or Brahma, planted in this field of world - Matt.13.v24-30. But if you hide or severe your tribal link with your ancestors as the people at present are doing so by becoming the so-called Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Jew, etc. of the "flesh" outwardly and not remaining of their "hearts" or "spirit" inwardly, then such people become the "tares", the "sons of Satan" or the fanatics and such fanatics perform "bastardly" deeds befitting the Most High Satan that creates "hell" as it is being done in the Middle East, Punjab, Lebanon, Israel, Bosnia, N. Ireland, etc.

This distinction between the "flesh" and the "spirit" Christ Paul clarified in His Saying, "A Jew is one who is inwardly (of the heart or spirit) and not outwardly (of the flesh or tribe)". About these "tares" Jesus, said, "Every plant (person), which (that) my heavenly father, the creator, did not Plant (has lost his tribal identity of flesh or has severed his link or covenant with Adam, ancestors, or Abraham) shall be uprooted (killed) along with the "roots", the fanatic supporters”. Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji stressed this in His Saying, “BEEO BEEJ (those who kept their covenants with their tribal elders) PATT LAE GAYAE (would have their family honour intact)……………….

It was this tribal covenant with Abraham that Angel Stephen, the first Bishop of the Church of God was trying to explain and establish before the high priest or the chief Rabbi in the Temple, the Master Viper that the Satan ordered his mountain of "fanatics" or dogs to stone him to death but he prayed for them to become sensible.

So, when Jesus was born most of the Jews, especially of the Judah tribe, were the Jews of "flesh", the "tares", which, the creator, our heavenly father, did not plant and he does not want to know. Such "tares" were not worthy of the "baptism" of John in water and He stressed that by branding them a "brood" of vipers. These "vipers", the spiritually sick people especially of the Judah tribe needed Jesus, the Great Spiritual Doctor, the most and, therefore, Jesus took birth among them, the “tares”, not in a normal way but of a "Virgin". As the Samaritans were not so spiritually sick, they did not care for Jesus and the Samaritan village where a Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well, John 4, demonstrated the spiritual heights they were enjoying. She had overpowered all the Five spiritual temptations, Kam (immorality), Karodhh (anger), Lobh (greed), Moh (worldly temptations) and the Last Husband Hankaar (Haughtiness of religious knowledge that she learnt in spirit against the Jews in Letters), of heart to be a Perfect Solitary Virgin.

In Jesus, we are solitary capable of entering into the Royal House of our Father. Fake Church Fathers are not solitary and we cannot have two Fathers in the Royal House of our Father. Master Fake Judas Iscariot was thrown out by our Father as he was not properly dressed for the Marriage of the anointed Son Christ Jesus to whom the Eleven chosen Virgins got married. Although they were married to the Son, yet they were Solitary Virgins. Saul got Holy Spirit at the Damascus experience and got Married to Christ Jesus. He was never Baptised or served Eucharist. Baptism and Eucharist is for the Jewish people for they were not the SONS OF ABRAHAM.

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