alert pole shift news some thing has exploded in the centre of our galaxy and inbound.part 1 of 2

  • Uploaded by Extraett on Dec 18, 2012
  • Hits: 326 apologies for the delay, but i wanted to release the 2 videos at the same time, sadly because of the rural location i am situated in means that the upload time takes a lengthy time even for 15 min videos. The foundation of these 2 videos is simply this, NASA witnessed an explosion at the centre of our galaxy which must have been travelling at the speed of light for thousands of yrs beccause of the distance from our solar system to where the centre of the galaxy is, and this is recently been observed and i have to say it is terrifying because the speed of light or light which travels at the speed of light, has arrived at an optical device orbiting planet earth, so what you might say, let me try and help you understand this, you will get an EMP pulse off the detonation from a nuclear device before you encounter the blast, it is very difficult for anything molecular or even on the scale of frequency to travel at the speeds of light, now think about that, there is something behind the light that was optically observed from NASA, such as x rays, gamma rays, alpha beta and cosmic particles following at a slightly slower speed than that of light. when this arrives is only a question of speed against distance and forecasting ahead, NASA know when the photos were taken and these observations recorded, they know what speeds particles travel at from such exotic explosions, they know the time to the minute, and i am just going to leave it here because i do not know those specifics, i only know that light will be the first sign of things to come with relation to the speed of light.

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