Socialist Canada Marijuana Program Proposed Changes Corporate Takeover Cannabis Industry

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Dec 19, 2012
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Canadas proposed Changes Medical Marijuana Program leaves people to suffer and die unable to grow their own cannabis which keeps cannabis prices artificially high. If patients can't afford cannabis the government does not care if they suffer and die! If the government did care they would have never proposed such nonsense to even be considered law! The proposed changes talk about "stakeholder concerns" why do stockholders get a more important role than the public in decisions that effect peoples lives? The concerns of the public are being ignored and downplayed while stockholder "concerns" are being hyped up.

I don't think Canadians would pay for a license to possess or buy coffee, children and slaves ask for permission! Time to grow up, especially government. The government of Canada is preventing a free market while people suffer and die, if you can't afford the high cost of living the government tell you they don't care by their actions. Every day there has been a media blackout distracting the masses from ending cannabis prohibition.

Renewable Hemp fuel can make poisonous energy obsolete. Cannabis (hemp) plants with THC produce more biomass per acre, the government laws are fixing prices keeping the cost of living artificially high. CARTELS control and fix prices, the government sound like the very cartels they blame for why they need prohibition! The government have conspiracy theories about marijuana, Nazi Germany had conspiracy theories the jews were bad and ruling the world and denied and violated jewish people rights! Newsflash: Pope Declared RULER OF THE WORLD

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