Anonymous - Project Mayhem 2012 December 21st

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TRANSCRIPT:You are Anonymous. You are Project Mayhem 2012 .On the 10 days that go from 12-12-2012 to 12-21-2012, the world will see an unprecedented amount of Corporate, Financial, Military and State leaks that will have been secretly gathered by millions of CONSCIENTIOUS citizens, vigilantes, whistle blowers and initiates.THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM WILL START THE FINAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWNFOR *TRUST* IN FEAR BASED MONEY WILL BE FINALLY BROKENPEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD, OUT OF FEAR TO GO BANKRUPT, WILL TRY TO WITHDRAW THEIR SAVINGS FROM THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS. THIS WILL TRIGGER AN EVEN LARGER MELTDOWN WAVE.Imagine the corrupts start to fear us. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny, But when the government fears the people, there is liberty. People shouldn't fear of their government. Governments should fear their people.Four billion years of evolutionary success encoded deep within the fabric of every strand of our dna. Four billion years of evolutionary success has brought us here. A turning point for humanity, into a new aeon. An age where light has pierced into darkness illuminating all things.. We are all absolutely FREE! there are no rulers, there are no masters, there is no elite. The time to take control of our reality is now. This is the time to wake up, this is the time to expose all lies, this is the time we ascend from darkness.Imagine we finally find the COURAGE needed to BECOME THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE in the World.Imagine we conquer Freedom by beginning to be Free.Imagine we conquer Justice by beginning to do Fair.Imagine we conquer Truth by beginning to do and be True to ourselves.Imagine the System is built upon lies.Imagine we Leak it all.Imagine we all synchronize our clocks to act at the same Time, on the Winter solstice, the 21st of December 2012 at eleven minutes past eleven local time.Einstein Said there are two infinite things, the universe and humans stupidity, the latter end is for us to prove the contrary. Ultimately, What is the purpose of a science capable of sending a man to the moon, but unable to put a piece of bread on the table of every human. Humans now has enough technology to make happy each person on the planet. You agree the social degradation because you've never known anything else.Our planet does not belong to anyone. Our planet is our house to all, the sky is our roof, humanity and all life forms are our family. We must all help to show the right path to each brother and sister of our big family humankind. Stop the division amongst ourselves, stop being selfish, live for all of us we are a big family.Now it's to you to choose the future you wish leave to your children. there are two possibilities, either you continue as now and one day the human being will destroy itself or you become conscious of you are a big family, and it's time to rebuild a better world than now. Now it is for the majority to retake control of the planet. We do not want violence, and it must not happen because there can be no loser. You will all win. It can never be a perfect world, but it is easy to make a better and more just one.Behind the clouds, there's always the sun, we are the sun, we are Anonymous. We will not forgive before December 21st, we will not forget before December 21st. You have now received the virus Project Mayhem 2012, This virus can be easily transmitted through a simple thought or word. This virus is one of strength, love and lulz. The side effects? Cleansing the mind of fear. This weapon of mass seduction has been claiming victims by the thousands and will only grow. Never forget that there is nothing in a caterpillar that would make us think that it will become a butterfly .Anonymous is for Freedom are Anonymous,We are Legion.We do not forgive.We do not forget.Expect us.

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