Just what ISN'T NASA telling us 17th Dec 2012 Perth Australia. Solar Phenomenon or..

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Dec 19, 2012
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This is a video sent to me by a member of Anonymous. All credit goes to them. The video was sent a s response to one of my video's, which the response vid has mysteriously now gone missing from my video. I believe this to be authentic footage of either Inter dimensional Lights or Nibiru. These are my opinions only..SDPublished on Dec 17, 2012PLEASE NOTE: DATE SHOULD READ 17/12/12 sorry was in a hurry, annotations are on to correct the error. This phenomenon was observed and recorded for several hours by an anon. I leave you all to make of this what you will. Find us and more at anonymousuk.org, Links from there to Facebook groups and other Anon Youtube channels PLUS lots lots more.Become Anonymous because you are legion.Expect Us!Original Linkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fttEA_rpyf0

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