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Statement from Deepa Naik - Idle No More London 21 Dec 2012 - Photos: Outside Buckingham Palace - London, UKIdle No More London is gathered here today to resist the expansionist and assimilation plans of the Canadian government. In lands that have been colonised the fastest and sharpest way to significantly change everyone's life is by further undermining the First Nations cultures, laws, family relations, land and waters.We are gathered here - within ear shot of the Crown's London residence - to acknowledge the ongoing relationship between colonialism and the Government of Canada's attempts to push through legislation that seeks to rip up the treaties first signed with the Crown.If Bill C45- (and others) are given Royal assent by the Crowns representative, this colonial, unilateral and paternalistic legislation would open the way for corporations in the oil, nuclear and gas industries to tear up First Nations land for profit.Idle No More London sends its solidarity to all the people taking part in actions across Canada - and the world. Idle No More calls on people to join in a revolution that honours and fulfills indigenous sovereignty that protects the land and water.

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