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Human Beings Are Not Expendable!

  • Uploaded by Interloper on Dec 22, 2012
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This one minute video introduces an horrific true story, which is being suppressed and blocked by the government, media, and state machinery of Australia.

It introduces what has become known as The Expendable Project, which exposes how the life and welfare of a human being is of absolutely no relevance to ruthless politicians. It shows how a callous complicit media can feed upon its own smears to manipulate public opinion against the victim.

One person, an innocent helpless woman - versus the entire apparatus of a nation state, deployed systematically against her.

But she had truth on her side.

She also had a handful of extraordinary and dedicated people, who tirelessly searched every dark corner, and meticulously documented every abuse inflicted by her own government: a government lacking any morality... a government without a soul.

The database they created now exists as an open website. But, despite hosting the evidential proof of so many serious crimes, perpetrated by a western government, that website is totally embargoed. The Australian media won't report it, refer to it, or disclose any of the astonishing information held on it.

It therefore comes down to you, and me. It becomes OUR responsibility to confront the Australian government, and tell the world that Schapelle Corby is not expendable.

Please spend just one minute watching the video. Then go and see the proof with your own eyes: expendable.tv

Please pass this video on, please pass the Expendable film itself on. Don't let them crush her, under a blanket of propaganda and lies.

Schapelle Corby could be your sister or your daughter. She could be you. She is not expendable, and we are not expendable. Please fight for her life.

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