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  • uploaded: Dec 22, 2012
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  • dick from earth#

    dick from earth December 23, 2012 8:09:02 AM CET

    wheres the panic?
    thousands filiming..... shouldnt there be more videos, from many angles ?
    why doesnt any one ever get these ufo over cities from the underside of the ship ?
    and if indeed there were thousands of people filming this there should be something as more dominant proof?
    i mean we could say that in close proximity the ships would not allow you to use electronics , but if that were the case the street lights,buildings and such would be out around its immediate area, which it not.
    this is a cool vid none the less.

    millitary exercise/psy-op ?
    chile and the u.s have tight ties.the us has been infiltrating them for a long time (200 years) even helping pinochet into power in the 70's . black programs there have been going on for a long time i would think .
    im sure chile has some hidden secrets that they have gotten there hands on since.
    ...just a thought .
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_intervention_in_Chile .

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