File #0025 Crashed UFO in Antarctica Captured Guarded by 4 US, Chinese, Russian Military Tanks?

  • Uploaded by Grey on Dec 22, 2012
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File #0025Reported: December 22nd 2012 Location: AntarcticaCoordinates: 7749'50.73, 16650'25.33Witness Description: "Google Earth. Found what looks like a crashed/captured UFO or craft. 4 tanks guard it."About the lookupthinkout UFO File reports...All UFO reports and pictures are collected from various sources worldwide. The reports are reported as genuine (no matter how ridiculous some of them appear) and are usually backed up by photographic evidence. Our aim is to find other witnesses to the sightings and hopefully give people a place to discuss their experiences, in the comments section below.We will endeavor to post as many reports as possible, all in our short, sharp and to-the-point, video format. Check out my channel for more reports...Thanks for watching and Peace.CreditsVideo by: lookupthinkoutMusic Track: "Open Mind" by thelightisclose(used with full permission of the copyright owner)All images are copyright of their respective owners.lookupthinkoutLook up, think outside the box...

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