Amazing JFK Speech! He Tells you The Truth!

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on Dec 25, 2012
  • Views: 10 footage as admitted by Wikipedia in the above link: video shows you from the word's of JFK himself that there is a force working right now to conceal the truth and that we are resting on a delicate balance in not only this country but the WORLD! DURING THIS SPEECH HE TELLS YOU HE IS NOT GOING TO KEEP ANYMORE SECRETS FROM THE WORLD! THEN WHAT HAPPENS LATER? HE GETS SHOT IN THE HEAD! The second half of the video shows other presidents and congressman showing their true colors in regards to strange secrecy! Learn so much more about these secrets when you hit my channel, watch the playlist(s), then subscribe, tell a friend , use to DL the video and upload it to your youtube page! SPREAD THIS ! PANDEMIC LEVEL 5 (which we are at now) IS LITERALLY DEFINED AS "A DECLARATION OF IMMINENT GLOBAL PANDEMIC" (look it up) SO THEREFORE IT IS A GUARANTEED PRECURSOR AND PREPARATION STAGE TO LEVEL 6! WHAT ARE THE PROTOCOLS FOR LEVEL 6? (LOOK IT UP)....... IT'S LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL QUARANTINES(WHICH WOULD CAUSE A FOOD CRISIS BECAUSE OF TRADE RESTRICTIONS, WHICH WOULD COLLAPSE THE DOLLAR, WHICH WOULD CAUSE LOOTING,AND THEN.... MARTIAL LAW! FEMA "SAFE ZONES" AKA CAMPS! FORCED VACCINES AND THEN THE NEW CASHLESS SOLUTION THAT IS THE RFID CHIP! Look it all up! They're all documented plans that have been talked about in the news and in countless government conferences and articles! Also look up the laws george bush has passed regarding martial law coincidentally in the last 2 years!

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