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Lucky Earthlings...! We happen to live on the ONLY planet out of NINE worlds and countless Moons and Asteroids orbiting a life-giving star. What a LOAD of baloney...!
NASA has done a great job of making you ALL so certain of it that you keep your noses to the grindstone and your hands chained to the wheel of the world.....And leave all the THINKING to them....
Aliens could land in New York City tomorrow, and we will be told to never mind, just keep SHOPPING and be sure to show up for WORK-just as President Bush TOLD us the day after 9-11....

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  • Technothanks#

    Technothanks January 3, 2013 2:26:09 AM CET

    My Friend, then YOUTUBE is tailor made for you. Every Video that I have posted here is posted THERE, without all the annoyances of THIS SITE, of late....

    There are 19 more there, for your eddification and enjoyment, a couple are overlong, it's a learning curve....

    You can even SUBSCRIBE and get instant notification when something NEW is posted, so I understand...

    You can go to TECHNOTHANKS on TWITTER and see it all, they say....Also FACEBOOK.

    Why NOT? I felt like a Cowboy at the turn of the 20th Century.....!

  • Anything4jerry#

    Anything4jerry January 1, 2013 10:48:33 PM CET

    I am logged in and still can not watch videos because they get blocked by ads and then restarted every time I delete the ad...

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