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Is This a CIA Navy Seal Time Traveling Disclosure?

YOU GUYS HAVE TO SEE THIS. KEEP AN OPEN MIND (an intelligent person entertains all ideas and accepts none) No facts have been misrepresented or distorted. This is an actual event i would just like to document publically. Viral Mainstream Truth was attacked by a man named Sean Day claiming to be a US navy seal CIA time traveler. Working from his quantum computer he is trying to stop the time machine? Warning us that feb 15 2013 - ww3 and alien invasion is coming? Looking for the looking glass? Very strange stuff. You can't write this kind of stuff. Feel free to share. Keep and open mind... An intelligent person entertains all ideas and accepts none... DCPhttp://www.facebook.com/viraltruthSean Day: https://www.facebook.com/steve.callahan.77398

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