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'Like' if you like. Feel free to subscribe to my channel.'HAARP' MASSIVE TTA's DISCOVERED on SECRET ISLAND and SEA FLOOR Causing 2 EARTHQUAKES ???TTA = Tesla Tech ArrayHTA = HAARP Type ArrayOscar Meyer "Yo what rev? When are you going to do another video? Times a wasting."revmichellehopkins "Yo DUDE!!! ... I'll tell you what... Do you believe prayer changes things? If you do, then take a moment to stop and write a prayer to the Lord over me HERE (where all can read it and be blessed) asking Him to give me wisdom and knowledge as to what He wants me to share tonight with His people. If He gives me what he wants me to share tonight, I will know it is in answer to your prayer. And I will acknowledge you in the description and perhaps even the video itself. (o: "Oscar Meyer "Yo God,I know you can hear me. I was hoping that since we don't talk that often, you'd take this request as a priority kind of thing. The Rev says if I pray you give her wisdom and knowlege, she'll know what topic to do a video about. I already thought she was smart and wise, but if You want to God smack her with some extra spiritual insight.. that would be okay with me."revmichellehopkins "I'll be uploading the new video shortly. Your request to God will be in the description. Thanks for the support. (o: This one is for you Oscar." JesseGabriel1 "Prayer for Michelle: Heavenly Father, In Jesus' name, I pray increased spiritual downloads and insight from You to Michelle. Lord in these days when good men have turned to wickedness and sound reason has given way to madness, let Your light shine in the hearts of men and women that truly believe that YOU are the way and your Son, Jesus the Christ, our mansion builder, hold the Keys! Lord, I pray for increased wisdom and discernment for Michelle and all those who truly believe. Amen!" THANK YOU LORD!!!Sources:Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS - Total Precipitable Water (MIMIC-TPW)http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/mimic-tpw/global/main.htmlGOOGLE EARTHEQuake3D by USGS

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