Sin, evil, the Devil and Repentance, a reply to Forum that rejects my posts. Anti Christ Robed Fathers, Abbotts, etc reject it.

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Hi Brethren, I put my views on the that is run by the Orthodox Monks and most of my posts get rejected. So, here is one I am putting as reply to their thread on sin, evil, the Devil and Repentance. Nice title put up by the Anti Christ Robed Fathers...

Hi Brethren,

I put my views on the that is run by the Orthodox Monks and most of my posts get rejected. So, here is one I am putting as reply to their thread on sin, evil, the Devil and Repentance. Nice title put up by the Anti Christ Robed Fathers in Churches.

It is good to know what you are talking about. This is Age when we are to worship God from whom the Rabbis kept us alienated. When the Rabbis had become dry of the Light of our Father that is mercy and had become hypocrites to earn their living, then our Father sends His very Son to show us the Light of our Father. The once-born are shown through Merciful Deeds of our Father such as curing the sick on Sabbath, a Special Day devoted to the works of God when you do not charge money otherwise it will not be different from the other secular days. But the Rabbis themselves being Dry of the Spirit of God objected to such works by Christ Jesus.

To the Twice-born, the Light was introduced through the Word of our Father, His Word, so that they can explain both the moral and the spiritual puzzles to the twice-born people. The standards of Apostles were the same as that of Christ Jesus and at Pentecost, the Twelve Labourers, Matthias being promoted from the 70 outer circle Labourers that were being prepared for John, the Baptist to pave the way for the inner 12 Labourers, who were Paid their Wage of Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Once-born Peter was extremely happy and He started to Preach Gospel straight away. Peter was also the First Apostle to deliver the first sermon about the Kingdom of Heaven in which truth counts so that people build their Houses on solid rocks and not on sands as Annias and Saphira had done. Then, the other Apostles would Preach Gospel to introduce to them the Royal Kingdom of God that is inherited by the Sons of God, the Most High. Slave Disciples cannot enter into this Royal Kingdom meant for the solitary as the Gate is Narrow and you have to find it by the grace of our Father.

Opposite to God is Satan who produces mountains of spiritually blind fanatic Disciple sons for his evil jobs as the Satanic Temple High Priest told his faithful dogs to tear Angel Stephen to pieces for mentioning the name of Abraham as he wanted people to be the Jews not of the heart but of the outward appearances of Shawl and hat. Sons of Satan are unfaithful to their forefathers, the Tares mentioned in Matt.13.v24-30 and this John, the Baptist stressed in tauntingly telling the Temple Priests that don't you say you are sons of Abraham, I can turn the stones, thick headed people into the sons of Abraham. So, Baptism of John, the Baptist in water was in the name of Abraham and not this Father, Son and Holy Spirit as He stressed that the One coming after me will Baptise you in Holy Spirit and that was Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chamber that sealed the Eleven to serve God only.

So, Satan shows his ugly head only in this Dark Age and not in any other Age. Angels are people who are Perfect in the Moral Laws in Adam and teach others to be so. John, the Baptist, Stephen, the outer circle 70 Labourers of Christ Jesus trained for John, the Baptist, etc. were all ANGELS and not Saints or the Sons of the Most High. Angels enforce the moral laws and as such they are bound by those moral laws too. In other words, Angel are Free men but they have no Free will as the Apostles were both Free men and had Free Wills as well because our Father works by grace and so do His Sons. God does not make Laws but states Principles.

Thus, Angel can commit sins but not the Apostles who are no more slave to the sins but to the righteousness of heart.

Now, I make remarks about text in the article. Christ stands for His Word that was in the beginning and He is forever. So, it was Jesus, the Clothing to His Word, that was born and He died on the Cross and not Christ, the Title.

Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the Angels whilst the Kingdom of Hell to the sons of Satan, the spiritually blind fanatic Disciples.

I hope that will make clear the concepts. Gospel not only sets us Free from the Yokes of Rabbis, Fake Fathers and their Abbotts but also shows us the Right Path into the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus exists. You must enter through the Narrow Gate by becoming solitary. Wide is the Gate of the old covenant of Rabbis, the sons of Satan, Matt.12.v43-45, that has wide gate and many wide roads, the cults, leading to the sectarian riots. There are many Anti Christs with Robes of Fake Fathers, Dog-Collared hirelings of Mammon hypocritically pretending to be working for God, etc. but they get paid in Mammon.

In Honour of my anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus, may God blesses you with holy spirit, common sense.

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