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Investigator of alternative technologies Joseph P. Farrell joined guest host George Knapp for a discussion on the Bell, a secret Third Reich weapons project that may have involved anti-gravity and manipulation of space-time. After the reunification of Germany, various documents became declassified and it was from these materials that Farrell pieced together the story, though key elements such as diagrams remain missing.

According to the documents, the Bell was a 12-15 ft. tall object with two hollow drums. Into these drums an isotopic serum was poured, and the drums were spun at high speed. The Nazis were trying to create a space-time bubble around the device, which could have potential for propulsion systems and as a weapon, he said. If weaponized, it would \\\\\\\"make the hydrogen bomb look like a kitchen match,\\\\\\\" Farrell declared.

Six scientists that came into proximity of the Bell during its testing died-- it appeared to have the effect of decaying their cells, as though it was speeding up time, he detailed. Farrell suggested that in 1945, after the war, the project was secreted out of Germany and subsequent technology was developed from it, such as flying craft that have been called UFOs. For instance, the object seen in the 1965 Kecksburg sighting bears a number of similarities to descriptions of the Bell. Farrell also touched on the JFK assassination, linking it to a rogue network of Nazis.

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  • Gerlach#

    Gerlach May 16, 2009 9:22:52 AM CEST

    The fusion created in the bell was with slow neutron capture by Thorium 232, placed in a container at it's core. It was not of itself a fusion bomb. In this respect Joseph Farrel got it wrong. Incidentally not all scientists who worked on the Bell were executed. In any case I doubt scientists were executed. More likely just died from radiation sickness. There were 180 Danish and Norwegian scientists working on this project at Komplex Reise. Kurt Debus and Walther Gerlach survived, but Otto Cerny who witnessed the Bell also survived and worked for Nasa in the 1960s. Karl Wirtz, Ronald Richter also survived and Richard Cramer just disappeared as did Elizabeth Adler.

  • Bannon#

    Bannon November 11, 2008 7:30:07 AM CET

    Very interesting show. Thank you for posting.Clean edit work - I appreciate the removal of commercials and 2 second overlap between segments.

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