Stephen Barton "Shot at Aurora" Now Works for Bloomberg, Lived 5 Miles from Sandy Hook

A few interesting things about Stephen Barton - The guy who took a bike ride across the country and ended up being shot in Aurora.. He was from Southbury, CT (5 miles from Sandy Hook).. he started the ride with a friend from Yale in Virginia Beach, and ended up in Aurora and is supposedly "the first" to be shot with buckshot.. He now works for the 10th richest man in America- Michael Bloomberg trying to take Americans' gun rights away.1. No images of them actually riding across the country after the initial Virginia Beach shots, lots of pictures of their bikes and flat tires.2. The pictures he posts on his Twitter account have been formatted through a computer, using Gaussian blur effects, focusing on certain things, which someone on a bike trip across the country would likely not have the time/inclination to do.3. He takes a picture of his supposed ticket stub "proving" he was there are the Aurora theater watching the batman movie (a movie he allegedly wasn't excited about seeing) who does that?4. He lives roughly 5 miles from Sandy Hook.5. He now works for Michael Bloomberg, with a salary that is undisclosed (but high enough to live in New York on).6. His Twitter account was created just a few months before the shooting, and the highest volume day ever was 3 days before the shooting (the build-up) in the same period of time, he missed more days posting than usual-.7. He was supposedly transported not by an ambulance, but by a police car to the hospital (no record on file of him being moved conveniently). This flies in the face of everything police officers are taught regarding dealing with the injured, and makes you wonder why the police were on scene so much faster than EMTs who were apparently non-existent on the scene. 8. His brother supposedly wrote a book on the 2nd Amendment that "he didn't know about until after the shooting."9. Before the shooting on his Twitter account, he makes several references to the 2nd Amendment- including a picture "Looking to camp in Beaverdam. Welcomed by sign: "2nd Amendment: Original Department of Homeland Security" which doesn't actually show any sign in the picture he uploads.10. He was never a gun owner, and was a Rhodes scholar coming out of Syracuse, New York before working for the New York City mayor (10th richest man in America).Maybe I'm completely off-base here, and it's just a lot of "weird stuff" and "coincidences" about a guy who's salary cannot be found, who is likely making an arm and a leg telling people that their 2nd Amendment needs to be completely revoked.Check out the images on his Twitter, and how polished they are, and how he and his friend hardly appear in any of the pictures of their supposed voyage across most of the country: the record- I am not saying this guy is a liar, I'm just saying this whole story is very strange, and it would probably be a good idea of he cleared some of it up for the public- Stephen, if you do read this, what were you using during your bike trip to add the Gaussian blur effect to your photos, did you bring a laptop and edit your images? Why did you decide to deviate from your bike trips original plan delineated on your map that you uploaded, the one that that avoided Aurora by at least 30 miles?What was the name of the hero police officer who took you in his car (against usual protocol) who saved your life by bringing you to the hospital? Surely you must have learned his names since the event?What is your salary for working for "Mayors against illegal guns"?, and is it being paid by taxpayers?

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