Fake Church Fathers worship dead Icons of Christ Jesus and Saints as it was under Rabbis. No wonder the Communists banned them and locked them too.-1.

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Fake Church Fathers worship dead Icons of Christ Jesus and Saints as it was under Rabbis-1.
I need technical help in producing t-shirts and some designs are complicated for me to put them into graphic. I have formed a standard front of t-shirt design but need help in sorting out the back design that summarises all my views. T-shirts are Lamps on living Lampstands. No one knows that you Preach Gospel unless the person reads what is written and then asks you questions. People of spirit, common sense, are very rare and avoid throwing Pearls before swine.
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Posted by: Richard A. Downing
On: 28-12-2012 09:56 AM
I'd like to reinforce what Herman said about prayerobics.
My prayer rule is quite long (I'm retired, so this is not a problem),
So, you are retired from the post of a Fake Father and now, you are on pension.
and it is noticable that the tendency for the thoughts to be found to have wandered is greatest at the beginning. I say 'found to have wandered' because that's my experience, I suddenly become aware that I am chanting without thinking, and am thinking of something else - usually something vainglorious.
At one time I found help in imagining myself in a large area full of people - the Saints around God's throne, me right at the back feeling like I'd wandered into a convention for a group I didn't belong to. In truth that is how we are, surrounded by the Saints and Angels, standing with the throng before the Throne. But this is dangerous, because it is not reality, but imagination, and what is to say that I have it right? Now I use some prayerobics, and say the Seven Bow beginning
Why seven and not Five in the name of Christ Jesus? Seven is related to Menorah and John, the Baptist, an Angel and not a Saint.
- it's in some prayerbooks, and then make the sign of the cross and a deep metany before each of my Saints' icons,
Saints have no icons and they are of anti Christs. Ask Christ Paul about his own icon. Would he be pleased to hear that you have His icon? Saints' icons are their Sayings or Preaching Gospel that are abstract. Can you understand the Saying of Christ Paul, "A Jew is one who is inwardly and not outwardly"? If you do then tell me how many Jews died during the Holocausts? I bet you do not know the answer for you are a once-born Nicodemus.
saying for instance:Holy Poemen pray for us
But the Saints themselves did not pray as they and our Father are One. Jesus never prayed. Messianic Jews when they bring in the rotten old cloth Torah, they started to pray again in the Churches. Praying and fasting are the old rituals of the old house, the Synagogues and their Priests that were built by human hands whilst in Jesus; we have been shifted to a Brand New House of our Father God built not by human hands but by Nature. Old Utensils were left in the old house and God provided us with the Brand New Tool of Logical reasoning to dig out the Treasures called pondering over His Word itself that was the root of the Scriptures that is far better than the old. Thus, only the spiritually blind people pray as the twice-born know that our Father God is Omniscient. Dead demiurge creator of male and female, jealous and revengeful god of Nature and of the natural man demanded prayers and fasting for making transgressions of the Moral Laws laid down by his Priests. For the remission of sins, you go to the Priests of Adam for forgiveness whilst in Jesus; we are Royal Priests of our Father God far greater than the Priests in Moses of Adam. That is why in Jesus, we are no more slaves to sins but the righteousness that originates from your own heart. Going against the Righteousness is going against the Holy Spirit and that is not forgivable. That is why in Jesus, we forgive others as they will receive the reward of cheating or hypocrisy.
Gospel comes from your own heart where our Bride Groom Christ Jesus is resting and when He is gone from the hearts of people and they become spiritually dead, then to them, the Anti-Christ Priests with robes calling themselves Church Fathers made icons of Christ Jesus outside their hearts to worship and pray. In Jesus, we worship our Father in honour of our Husband Christ Jesus.

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