Elite - Fema / NWO Planned New Madrid EarthQuake

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Dec 30, 2012
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anonymous whistle blower called me - below is the transcript : I used to work for a Security agency that had ties to the government, Witnessed the Weather Modification first hand with haarp and had proof of it back in 2010, much like dutchsinse only I was on the front lines, only problem was I couldn't publish the information due to the sensitivity of that information, less face jail time. There was a cover up involved, Was witness to it, and a media scandal. In winter of 2010 there was major weather modification with HAARP and Chemtrails, across the USA bringing record snowfalls. This snowfall combined with the Government Operation False flag in may of 2010 with the BP oil spill. The oil rig was actually destroyed with a suicide sub sabotage style. This uncapping of the well created a great void that is helping to create extreme pressures and lubricate the new madrid fault line at its beginnings down in Louisiana. Anyway The one Indicator that I saw the Gov was doing was using the Heavy Snow and Water to put pressures on the New Madrid fault line they actually want it to blow, that combined with the pressures from the BP oil spill has caused a bad situation, along with fracking. Anyway I watched as they manipulated the weather causing massive snow falls, leading to the collapse of the metro dome in Minnesota. The snow melted and Flooded the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Fema Practiced their simulated Earthquake Drills shortly round that time preparing for the real ...

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