Sandy Hook ELementary Massacre PSYOP / HOAX - Was Gene Rosen speaking in code?

  • Uploaded by JustSense on Dec 31, 2012
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The prime reason I think that Gene Rosen is a hell of a lot more than any conspiratorial view I've heard so far is because his story is completely surreal. I mean in a perfect world this guy would have been arrested for what he did. Think about it.. There has just been a massacre involving children.. The neighborhood is swarming with police. There are six children unaccounted for, about an hour according to Gene. Meanwhile he's serving them juice and giving them stuffed animals to play with while their parents had to have been searching franticly with worry. Instead of being arrested he is paraded across every TV in America as some kind of hero. Grampy Gene seemed more like a pedophile to me. The other factor is many of the other cast of characters who are supposed to be in grief instead appear to be happy with no signs of the emotional distraught we would expect. Some of them seemed to be gleeful while they were spewing all this feel good crap from their mouths. My interpretation of Gene Rosen's many contradicting performances is based on a bad dream I had in which this tragedy was actually another mega ritual which involves a Saturnian cult which reaches the highest echelons of power!

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