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Alien attacks police officer on a police car dashcam.


  • buckethead69#

    buckethead69 January 3, 2013 5:20:21 AM CET

    This poster is officially #1 in fake crap postings on DTV (took the title from "3rd phase of moon" who I thought would hold the title forever)!!!!!!!!

    The craziest scariest thing about these vids are certain crazed commentators that post psycho babble and others who actually think this uploaders vids are even remotely authentic!!!!

  • Marcydare#

    Marcydare January 2, 2013 11:14:37 PM CET


  • Shibbydougy#

    Shibbydougy January 2, 2013 10:52:34 PM CET

    @ElijahpaulMoses.... You speak like a man possessed.. Well that's what I would think if I was still so inclined to believe in things I renounced when I was 8... I share not what I truly think as speaking ill of others does not bring me any joy....

    For the record, this is probably one of the places such rhetoric is least welcome. You will find that the majority of members on DTV believe in aliens who look like reticulans, not ones who resemble old men...

    And if you wish to convince people of your beliefs, then do so in a more coherent manner. Jesus did so in witty allegories and metaphors, Mohammad did so in beautiful poetry. You will find that doing so is viewed more respectably, whilst what you have provided above serves only to reflect very negatively upon you. :/

    Anyways, this video is cool and difficult to debunk. The skeptic in me says that its a very good scene that one would expect in a sci-fi movie or series. The other part of me thinks that if this is real, then we would likely not hear about it in the public domain as it would stir up quite a fuss....

    Eitherway, brilliant little footage - thoroughly enjoyed!

  • georgethebear#

    georgethebear January 2, 2013 7:14:24 PM CET

    If this is no hoax, then it is serious and a police matter. I have not heard or seen anything on this so it has to be a hoax.

  • ElijahpaulMoses#

    ElijahpaulMoses January 2, 2013 6:19:13 PM CET

    Our Lord spoke of this type of attack of His in the Torah and fire came forth out of the Lord and consumed them, this man in that car must be very important to the Lord's battle against those who are possessed in power by death/satan go to the websites now mentioned below especially the Adam and Eve in Action blog were many more videos of the Lord's Arch Angels doing such things now around earth... Respect .... Scientologists are more than just lost, but the good news is their savior now comes as He promised to find his lost sheep, for proof undeniable such as literal films of Him now preparing earth for His retaking of it go to the websites now mentioned below... Rev:10:7 His mystery is finished... There is but one creator of solar systems, for proof our Lord Jesus Christs mystery has been finished Rev:10:7 by science go to the mentioned websites... Our Lord's science has proved His mystery and instead His children of Science deny Him while reaping the benefits of His delivered Knowledge! For evidence that He and He alone brought forth Science go to the about us page, the Adam the first researcher page, and Proof in the news and science page, and the Targum page and the Proof of His healing in painting and verse page on the website at google search of Adam and Eve seed gathering Ministry! Also on the Prophecy and the Signs page are the prewritten news events of this day prewritten three years ago and some more, { as evidence the Minister of the site is a Righteous man who has been given the keys/code Rev:10:7/1:17-18 giving him the ability to figure and deduce when events will accure } these signs are now falling each week, such as the Japan quake and tidal wave, and the DC/Virginia Beach Virginia quake our Lord Jesus the Great scientist/physician brought on the same day as the unveiling of the martin luther king statue { with as we speak more quakes are coming to DC/V.Beach } also the record disturbances on the Suns surface all prophecy before their taking place so all of Science and Theology will know the Minister of the site is sent John 13:20 and a Righteous man! Many other signs listed there have come and are coming for this sounding to Science of God's Mystery being now finished by Science Revelation 10:7 for other proofs contact the minister for questions or more answers!

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