UFO Explosion in Space Caught On Camera 2012

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UFO Explosion in Space Caught On Camera 2012Maybe a star or satellite explosion in space?UFOs and Strange "Explosion" Caught on Film in Sacramento, California December 20, 2012mp4Source: sacramentocbslocal Story aired December 30, 2012 A man in Sacramento, California captured video of several UFO orbs and what appeared to be some sort of explosion high in the sky on December 20, 2012 A Sacramento man scanning the night sky caught a sudden burst of light through his telescope He recorded that strange sight with his smart phone CBS13 shared the video with experts to see if they could solve the mystery This mysterious little tale begins earlier this week when Good Day Sacramento's Cody Stark got this message on Facebook: "I have something on video no one has ever seen I had my telescope out, caught an explosion in space ADG Facebook: facebook Follow ADG on Twitter: twitter

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