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Egyptian Aliens in Calgary Skies


Grabbed this new video from J. Chisholm on Youtube before he put the electronic music in on Youtube... You can hear a dog barking in the background as he records the video. You can hear the mystery dude breathing as he records the video of the aliens.

The original video can be found on Youtube below (hmmm. Now that I check, the yourube video now has electronic music added...)


Keep rolling off the videos of aliens and UFOs, J. Chisholm!

Wonder when his next book is coming out?


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  • Ufolooking#

    Ufolooking January 4, 2013 2:32:04 AM CET

    I've found a J. Chisholm video from the next day (Jan. 3, 2013) where he whips the camera down to street level to answer the dudes above hue and cry above visual references.

    Yah, I mean you, Shibbydougy, and some other skeptic dude on Youtube.

    Keep it rockin, Chisholm!


  • Ufolooking#

    Ufolooking January 3, 2013 7:06:37 PM CET

    I went to the Chisholm website on Youtube, and he has all kinds of videos with visual references (especially daylight overflights of UFOs flying behind a chimney that gets caught in video).

    Oh no, I note that you haven't checked that detail. Not good in terms of your ability to do your research.


  • Ufolooking#

    Ufolooking January 3, 2013 4:41:36 AM CET


    Could it be that he is in fact viewing an object that is over a kilometer in the distance, and as his book states, he carefully prefocuses the camera during daylight for infinity, and doesn't want to throw off focus at night by zooming in an out to fulfill the the expectations of people such as yourself? I mean, do astronomers zoom their telescopes in and out, to establish credibility with the public that they are in fact looking at a particular set of stars, and oh, by the way, there needs to be a tree or streetlight in there for reference. Okay Chisholm, rack the zoom in and out a bit there... opps, now you can't focus at night to get the details on the UFO or alien. To bad, but the Joe on Youtube, or in this case, DiscloveTv , is happy that he gets the shaky video with the camera racheting in and out of focus. Whooee. We won there.

    The fact is, the guy has built a book to show people how to carry out the steps of emulating what he does.

    I 've read the book, it's cool.... the guy wrote a cookbook to follow to observe UFOs as well, not some dusty tome on ancient Egyptian aliens where there is no access to evidence, but on how to obtain images of Egyptian aliens or whatever, during daylight or at night, for oneself. You know, get your own evidence. What's wrong with that approach?

    Anyways, after going through Chisholm's videos (on Yoututube), he has many videos showing reference points in daylight as well as at night. As a suggestion, do your research first, I've provided links to Chisholm's youtube release of videos.


  • Shibbydougy#

    Shibbydougy January 3, 2013 12:06:16 AM CET

    I can clearly see why you think they are Egyptia - oh no, wait a minute, I don't.
    To make this seem the slightest bit credible, he needs to pan out and allow the viewers to see things such as houses, lamp-posts, etc, so that we know he is indeed filming the sky.
    No stars, no moon, nothing to but the frame in perspective, shot indoors, and resembling a lot like hoaxed videos that were debunked years ago... Not looking to good for Mr. Chisholm!

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