Divine Inspiration & Biblical Inerrancy: The Failed Hypothesis

TABLE OF CONTENTS:Note - 00:00Dedication - 00:14Introduction - 00:21The Claims: The Nature of God - 02:02The Claims: Biblical Inerrancy - 03:16The Claims: Inspiration - 05:57The Claims: The Bible as the Word of God - 07:15Nothing New Under the Sun - 08:22What Should We Expect? - 10:21Title Sequence - 15:21What We Actually Find - 16:12What Are Apologetics? - 24:06What Motivates the Biblical Apologist? - 25:30Why Should the Bible Need Apologetics? - 26:18Apologists Often Disagree - 28:00Which to Believe? - 30:37Inerrancy Only in the "Original" Manuscripts - 34:03Phenomenological Language - 36:25Equivocal Language - 41:40Wordplay - 47:17Discipleship - 49:51Translation Problems - 56:35Copyist Problems - 58:36Speaking in Tongues - 1:04:11An Error by Any Other Name - 1:06:08Not With You in Mind - 1:08:20Bibliolatry- 1:13:54Inspired by God, Authored by Man - 1:19:48Figuratively Speaking - 1:26:03The Holy Spirit - 1:32:40It's Sufficient - 1:35:31Conclusion - 1:39:51All photos, video, and sound original work of the producer or public domain unless otherwise noted in the following:A very special "Thank You" to:"Flying Joker" CGI provided by YouTuber: stiimuli"House of Cards" CGI provided by Victor_erwich@hotmail.com"Moon" and "Mars" CGI provided by Joe Laude www.joelaude.comPHOTO CREDITS (where applicable):Building Solomon's Temple by John Millar WattNathan Williams from London, UK (Cinema Book Shop) [CC-BY-2.0]Stack of Books by Judith P. AbrahamsenStreet Preacher by M_A_R_KIASD Central Porto AlegreAlways Reading by mokraYellow Caution Light by Jonathan HinkleArchaeological Excavation in Svetlahorsk By Telman MasliukouMercury, Venus and the Moon Align By ESO/Y BeletskyMagician By Lorenz DeconinckOptische Illusion Piano German by Roger ZennerRoad to Nowhere - Stuart AnthonyOuter Space by Joan DuboMoses by Scott YardleyJonah-Whale by Scott YardleyEstudo By SteelmanMath_lecture_at_TKK By TungstenFigures of Speech by EnoksonClay head in hand by nilobLouvre2004_134_cor Philippe-Laurent Roland [GFDL] or CC-BY-SA-3.0Atalaya_horse_stalls By Doug Coldwell GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0Paranthropus on Plains by Walter VoigtNational Archives Building By Mbell1975 [CC-BY-SA-3.0]License Terms found at: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/NASA copyright policy states that "NASA material is not protected by copyright unless noted."PHOTO SOURCES:http://freechristimages.org/index.htmhttp://www.sxc.hu/http://www.holylandphotos.org/http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Imageshttp://www.veezzle.com/VIDEO CREDITS:Youtuber: BestgreenscreenNASABrett PalmerEgypt in 1976 Courtesy Collectie FilmcollectiefStars Reflected in Crater Lake time lapse - Thunderf00tState of Events - The Weekend ForecastMUSIC CREDITS:Atmosphere - Rick Clarke Music4YourVids.co.ukFlight of Fantasy - Rick Clarke Music4YourVids.co.ukEmotional Strings - Rick Clarke Music4YourVids.co.ukCircus Bunnies - Alastair Cameron Cameronmusic.co.ukOceanFloor - AudionautixTheVoyage - AudionautixThe Experiment - DanosongsFaith-Variation B - SonyGrace-Variation A - SonyFull Court Press-Variation A - SonyFull Court Press-Variation C - SonyFull Court Press-Variation D - SonyBacklight Intrigue-Variation C - SonyPowerhouse by Raymond Scott (MIDI version used)Arcadia - Kevin Macleod IncompetechThe Other Side of the Door - Kevin Macleod IncompetechConstancy Part Three - Kevin Macleod IncompetechUnanswered Questions - Kevin Macleod IncompetechImpact Lento - Kevin MacLeod IncompetechLightless Dawn - Kevin MacLeod IncompetechTabuk - Kevin Macleod IncompetechRising - Kevin Macleod Incompetech Revival - Kevin MacLeod IncompetechHypnothis - Kevin Macleod IncompetechDigya - Kevin Macleod IncompetechVirtutes Vocis - Kevin MacLeod IncompetechVirtutes Instrumenti - Kevin MacLeod IncompetechDama May - Kevin MacLeod IncompetechProduction was uploaded in four separate parts and combined using YouTube Video Editor. Some breaks in the audio/video are due to this editing process.

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