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5/20/2011 -- Dutchsinse - Radiation Tests - on NBC Newschannel 5 w/Leisa Zigman

Radiation tests from 2011 -- Reuploading to my backup channel here --------------------------- I have assembled radiation links from around the world to use here, plus two good charts to show exposure level limits: special thanks to International Medcom for donating the 2nd Inspector Alert digital Geiger counter: here is the full post with their information .. --------------------------- convert CPM to uS/v or mS/v here: quote: "For those who prefer to use Sieverts, 108 CPM is about 1 uSv/hr for C060, and for Cs137 it is around 120 CPM per 1 uSv/hr. " --------------------------- how much radiation is too much? here is a chart to see: Also, Thanks to my viewers back in March/April 2011 -- who donated to get the other set of geiger counters !!! --------------------------- USA and global coverage: German Radiation: http (click on radiation update) http dutch radiation monitoring: swiss radiation monitoring:

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