Viral 'Video Of Explosion in Space' is a Weather Balloon - Yes Really!

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Viral 'Video Of Explosion in Space' is a Weather Balloon - Yes Really!

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 1-2-12

So It Begins

Good friend and colleague Johnny Anonymous, co-host of ATS Live, and lead investigator for the Above Top Secret organization was the first to alert me to the now “viral video” and story of the alleged “strange explosion in space” as recorded by one Elijah Prychodzko, a young Sacramento, California resident. The story broke locally on the 30th (December 2012) and I received Johnny’s e-mail the following day. in part wrote:

"This mysterious little tale begins earlier this week when Good Day Sacramento’s Cody Stark got this message on Facebook: ‘I have something on video no one has ever seen. I had my telescope out, caught an explosion in space. Wanna see the video?’

Cody’s response? Absolutely!

The video was shot with an iPhone through the eyepiece of a telescope, so CBS13 had to enlarge it to get a better look. It was shot on Dec. 20 around 5 p.m. in Sacramento by viewer Elijah Prychodzko.

‘I saw something that I’d never seen before. I saw another object orbiting this — whatever it was up there, and I’ve never seen anything like that before,’ said Prychodzko."
The video that accompanied the article was of the local newscast that aired the story (basically, reiterating the printed article) ; embedded therein was an interview with Prychodzko, along with “snippets” of his video he delivered to Cody Stark (a reporter Good Day Sacramento)).

On The Hunt

As is most often the case the “news blurb” contained only snippets of the video; however, the news segment, said snippets and its implications did “set the hook” and compelled me to dig deeper.

Since the video embedded in the article was credited to YouTube, I did a cursory search in order to find an account held by Prychodzko; I didn’t have any luck there (so far); however, I did find Cody Stark’s YouTube account and lo and behold there were “3” videos concerning the “Prychodzko story,” one labeled, “Space Explosion B-Roll.”

The “B-Roll video” or more accurately segments of it—were a little more telling, as it showed the prelude to the explosion; in short while narrating his video we see Prychodzko pan over to his telescope (a Meade 10" LightBridge) and then he points to the sky (his hand now in the frame) explaining that he is “going to be filming a planet”; curiously, his finger is (clearly) above an (seemingly) identical object he later claims is the planet in the close-up. There is no reason given why he is filming a planet, or making the video at all. Without a break in the video, he pans back over to the telescope; walks over to it, and put his phone/camera over the eyepiece of the ®Lightbridge all the while explaining:

“now check this out, I’ve never seen this before and I’m actually surprised my phone’s doin’ this, but ahh, check this out. Oh my god! It just blew up! What the hell?! Something just blew the hell up! It was orbiting and now it blew up!"


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