2 Screaming Boys Over Near Gene Rosen's House And Gunshots After Police Arrived: Sandy Hook

  • Uploaded by JustSense on Jan 6, 2013
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We have gunshots going off after the police arrived down Riverside Rd. near what sounds like over by the firehouse, and a broken driver's side window at a house next door to the firehouse. And before that, there were also two screaming kids (one on a skateboard) running in front of the firehouse with a black car apparently chasing them, and a man saying he was looking for his kids what sounds like only minutes after the gunshots. Even tho the parents weren't informed specifically which school the attack took place until some time after.Police Official: 27 Dead, 'It is Not a Simplistic Scene' http://grayslake.patch.com/articles/police-official-27-dead-it-is-not-a-...

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