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Something Odd on the Moon at 4:00 am on 1-5-2013


  • Fearless#

    Fearless January 7, 2013 9:50:08 AM CET

    Great find. Its funny how we pay nasa billions a year and they say they find nothing of interest. Yet one man with a 1000 bucks or less spent can...hmmmm...why are we paying NASA?

  • Spikey#

    Spikey January 6, 2013 3:03:21 PM CET

    Nice one.

    I saw something very similar to this tower myself last year.

    May even have been the same one.

    I only have a cheap Celestron 4", and no camera attachment (so no images), but with high mag eyepiece i could see this tower clearly...i was amazed..i'd often found anomalies in old NASA images that must have slipped by the early censors, but to see the huge tower with my own eyes live, was something else, must have easily been 10 - 20 miles high! (so NOT a mountain then), had a darker base and pedastal, and a lighter coloured topmost section...like yours has.

    The only real difference between what i saw and yours, seems to be the height (yours looks taller, by maybe 1.5X) and the shape of the top, lighter section..the one i saw had what looked like a dome, or mushroom shaped top...looking a LOT like a giganic Tesla tower, with the dome on top.

    Seeing It with my own eyes, no chance of fakery or photoshopping doubts, was like a..vindication for all the time spent pouring over NASA images hoping to find the anomalies missed by the censors, you know?

    Anyway, cheers for the video..clear skies mate...next time use your tripod! ;)

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