UfO Mothership Stirling city

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jan 6, 2013
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I filmed this enormous ufo flying over Kingspark golf course stirling It seem to just sit there. I grabbed my camcorder and started to film it. I was looking east the direction it was headed. the object just disappeared in to a cloud .I had just made a cup of tea put the cup down, looked out the window saw a big bright white silver tube object slowly come out of a cloud just hovered there. I quickly grabbed my camcorder and started filming the object took about 2 mins to get my camcorder. object was still sitting there. I was using a sony hi8 20x zoom camcorder converted to infrared.the object was about 1 mile 1 and a half mile away I think the object was a lot bigger than a jumbo jet, It look like the object was about 2000 feet up around about.

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