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IT'S A LIVING THING: Moving Creatures on MARS!

You will see at least TWO animals moving across the Martian Lands...ONE is dashing between rocks, then breaks out scuttling across the sands towards the hills...The other appears to be a Stegasaurus-type creature strolling uphill with a burden upon it's broad back...

Look closely.

I have NEVER photo-shopped, and I am not the only person to have run across this particular set of NASA photos...Good Luck trying to find them on the NASA site, they have been firmly REMOVED after people started demanding ANSWERS...I posted the photos 2 or 3 years ago at DISCLOSE.TV, for those of you who want the original NASA sequence....

People see these things, this PROOF of life on Mars, then they FORGET, and go back to sleep.....Life on VENUS. Life on MERCURY. Life on DIONE....PROVEN....yawnnnnn...!

What would it mean to the average man or woman of today, anyway?

I guess I am doing this for all those who follow and want to LEAD, someday....

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