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Some of The Best Out-of-Place Artifacts (OOPArt) + Extras Ovni UFO Alien Related

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  • uploaded: Jan 7, 2013
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OOPart =
Critics argue that most purported OOPArts which are not hoaxes are the result of mistaken interpretation, wishful thinking, or a mistaken belief that a particular culture couldn't have created an artifact or technology due to a lack of knowledge or materials. Supporters regard OOPArts as evidence that mainstream science is overlooking huge areas of knowledge, either willfully or through ignorance.

I fall into the second category: OK, I don't buy the Inca model 'jets' argument... and I am not very happy with the notion of Nazca ufo landing strips either... but, there ARE some out-of-place artifacts, (items of archaeological, or paleontological interest found in a very unusual or seemingly impossible context), which definitely lend some credence to the ancient astronaut/human intervention theory.
On this video are just a few, (including some lesser known examples), that I have gathered together to make my point... all entirely authentic, of different ages through antiquity... all of which lead me to the conclusion that the scientific minds ARE running scared of something... the possibility that we have been, (and probably still are in secret), visited and helped along at various points of our evolution by some off-planet intelligence/intelligences.

Please be patient... the real clinchers are near the end.

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  • Spikey#

    Spikey January 10, 2013 3:13:02 PM CET


    It's proof of something, although it may not be ET (it might be, but doesn't have to be).

    It could just as well be dimensional travel, from the past or the future.

    Modern physics readily acknowledges that time travel (for want of a better term) is possible, or rather isn't deemed to be impossible by the theory.

    Which could mean many things in relation to ooparts.

    It's possible a previous high tech people of Earth, developed dimensional travel tech at some point
    and upon discovery of an impending mega calamity affecting the entire solar system, decided the only reasonably safe place was to escape in time, going forwards and seeing what happened to the Earth, thousands of years after the calamity. They saw that Humankind had regressed.

    Or the other possibility is they come from the future, perhaps only a hundred years or so into our future, but really it could be any amount of time. Maybe the ET grey, is actually what Humanity will evolve into in
    100,000 years...maybe ET is our future form.

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