Dead Men Can't Sue - The Trailer

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The blatant misreporting, the smears, the fabrications, and the outright lies, produced across the Australian media with respect to Schapelle Corby, are documented within a dedicated section of the Expendable.TV website (

Often, this opinion forming output has been delivered through the vehicle of Schapelle Corby's deceased father, Michael Corby, whose tragic death enabled exploitation of a serious flaw in Australian law: dead men can't sue.

None have been more prominent in exploiting this position than Eamonn Duff, of Fairfax Media, who even collected the fabrications together in a book, published by Allen & Unwin

Dead Men Can't Sue is a film which exposes the real content of Duff's reporting for Fairfax Media, and the fictional nature of what Allen & Unwin presented as the truth. It identifies those prepared to profit from proven fabrication, presented as fact, regardless of its impact upon a seriously ill woman and her desperate family.

Dead men can't sue.... coming soon.

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