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1/8/2013 -- Sandy Hook School Shooting Tribute Vid -- UPLOADED 1 MONTH BEFORE !


ALL POINTS BULLETIN ! This is not a joke, or faked in any way. At this point, serious investigation needs to be done to find out how far back this all goes.

We need to find out WHO THE HECK uploaded a "tribute to the sandy hook shooting" on November 10, 2012. And how they knew BEFOREHAND who was to be shot.

The Sandy Hook shooting was on December 14th, 2012yet this video shows all the victims, teachers, etc.. and the video was uploaded for sure on Nov. 10, 2012.

This time stamp for sure does not lie... vimeo.. look at their other uploads as well.

The link is below -- this is smoking gun proof of people knowing beforehand the shooting..

I DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION NOW! From police and all online investigators.

Here is the video uploaded on Nov. 10, 2012 , almost ONE FULL MONTH before the sandy hook shooting.

instructions :

Move your mouse over the date below the vimeo video


Here are the other uploads from this person:



DATE the sandy hook tribute video was TWEETED .. was November 10, 2012 --- same date..

This is for real.. "they" are busted.. Sandy Hook preplanned / fake.

Tweet Dated 10 Nov 2012...


text of the tweet:
"I just uploaded "My Movie" to Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/53220123" The link took me to a Sandy Hook Elementary School Tribute film! Does it for you??


thanks to tatoot1009 for discovering this.. here is his facebook:


here is his youtube page:


make sure to stay tuned, tatoot has got something to say about all of this, and he's not too happy .

Neither am I.

Something strange is afoot...


Here is the information on just one of the fundraisers setup FOUR DAYS before the shooting..

This is starting to look like the whole Sandy Hook event was a preplanned 'faked' event.

Which is more likely? Preplanned with videos waiting online... or faked 100%?

It goes all the way to the top, (the president). Either he was duped by this elaborate hoax.. cops, law enforcement, and media are 'in on it' ..... or they ALL know ... and it was planned by them !

For sure we know now, it was preplanned, with FOR SURE multiple people involved going back to November !!

This should be an all points ALERT if you really think about it.


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  • Darkdupont24#

    Darkdupont24 January 10, 2013 5:49:41 AM CET

    Love the video, great find! Also that site on the page you showed is now down to 3 or so videos! I think removing these videos make them look even more guilty than they realize! Also did you happen to see the video on here about the pic the President took the day after the so called shootings! He is shown on an account on Facebook or somewhere, posing for a picture with one of the little girls that was supposedly shot and killed! The day the pic was taken was a day after the father made his tearful speech or bad acting. Also the story on here about the Principal or Superintendent that was killed, but still managed to be reached in order to give an interview to a local newspaper the next day! Something is VERY WRONG and we as Americans NEED to do something about this!

  • Darealmastad#

    Darealmastad January 10, 2013 5:24:19 AM CET

    Below...why are you on a conspiracy website......we are not here to antagonize, we are here to find out information that doesn't make sense (Similar to all the videos on this website). Please provide some links or research on your findings and as a whole, we can resolves these conflicts. I think it's more insulting to the families to believe false information than to believe a fairy tale. Because that's what America is, a fairy tale where everyone thinks we live in a world where sinister acts are not committed. One word Hollywood.............Oh one thing just to make sure, you DID go to Sandy Hook and find this out for yourself right, I mean....you're not accusing us of what you're doing right now................also to note, I don't believe it was faked. but I do think they're not telling us everything.....one more thing (patients with me please), is this the first video you've seen on Sandy Hook because there are plenty of videos that breaks down certain scenarios.....much love......;)

  • Pateriot#

    Pateriot January 9, 2013 7:53:09 PM CET

    Not only are the reports that the Sandy Hook shooting was faked complete BS, it is also extremely insenstive and hurtful to the family and freinds of those who lost their lives to the POS punk that committed the act! Why don't you bother to go to Sandy Hook and find out the facts in person rather than relying on paranoid and delusional internet rumours as the bases for your rantings!!!

  • Darealmastad#

    Darealmastad January 9, 2013 3:58:51 PM CET

    The people who posted on Joe's Youtube account are trying to say that he uploaded over an older video and that why it's dated 3 month ago lol.............people people people..............yea what I do when I have a new video is replace an older video lol.

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