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Sandy Hook Consipiracy? Cover up?


This is scary... After watching this and having kept a close eye on the situation since it happened.....i can no longer keep silent about this....MIRROR from dutchsinse - Streamed live on 8 Jan 2013 Regardless of timestamps at "vimeo", you can't fake TWEET timestamps ! And you can't fake the FUNDRAISERS setup days beforehand. All links below. Sandy Hook School Shooting was on December 14, 2012 Twitter posts from November 10, 2012 and video here: GET IT BEFORE ITS GONE!!!! google cache of the twitter for sandy hook being tweeted on Nov 10, 2012 ! MANY thanks to xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx webcache.googleusercontent.com

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  • BeyondTheBubble#

    BeyondTheBubble January 20, 2013 9:20:25 PM CET

    Something is definately rotten in Denmark...and down the rabbit hole I go.

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