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A message to Cybertribe Network, Robert Hauck, Propheticseer, Dutchsinse, Sandy Hook debacle

Video Links below:: This is a message to Robert Hauck of Cybertribe Network regarding the obvious bashing of Dutchsinse on his research regarding sandy hook and the twitter posts. I forgot to mention in the video that although Roberts explanation of VIMEO and the time stamps may be correct, The real question is WHY would they do what they did? Just as much as someone with lazy fingers can go in and retype an entire title of an old video wouldnt it of been easier to just make a new one? Neither here nor there dude! your obvious banter is all about dutch and has nothing to do with what you say your on YT for.. Tatoott1009 said it well long ago. GET OVER IT and MOVE ON.. Videos I am referring to are: part 1 part 2 Add me on FB

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