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'Anonymous attorney' bashes Obama's war on free speech

  • Uploaded by Fal2grace on Jan 12, 2013
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Members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous are endorsing a petition on that asks the Obama administration to legalize what some call digital sit-ins. Distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS, is a type of method in which a large number of people essentially hit a website with a tremendous number of traffic so much so that the site in question is sometimes shut down. A DDoS is illegal in the United States under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, but some say it's a form of twenty-first century protest that should be granted the same constitutional rights as real life First Amendment actions. Stanley Cohen is an attorney from New York City and is representing a client who is accused of participating in a DDoS "attack" against PayPal in retaliation for their blockage against WikiLeaks. That action, often called "OpPayBack," was spearheaded by Anonymous. He speaks with RT's Liz Wahl about the legalities of DDoS, their role in hacking cases and what he thinks Congress and the president should do about it. RT America LIVE to RT America! us on Facebook us on Twitter

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