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Alex Jones Melts Down On HuffPost Live 'YOU'RE IN DANGER! YOU'RE IN DANGER!

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  • uploaded: Jan 12, 2013
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A week after his explosive gun control battle with Piers Morgan on CNN, "Deport Piers Morgan" petition creator and conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones appeared on HuffPost Live and blasted Glenn Beck for calling him a "fascist," and went on a heated rant about standing up against the military-industrial complex and the pharmaceutical corporations that he believes control the media.

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  • OMGihavetomakeanACC#

    OMGihavetomakeanACC January 13, 2013 5:50:49 AM CET

    i found this to be effective. how else are you going to wake people up? sure it may seem marginally crazy. MARGINALLY. this is why i think it will set a light off in people's heads. he is a genius.

  • Mep630#

    Mep630 January 13, 2013 4:02:18 AM CET

    so funny how these idiots can't be any blinder and they want to call AJ crazy, lol.

    like the gun ban, when America is the #1 country in the world to give away guns. We need to get the cops and military back of the side of sanity quickly because these out of control criminal leaders are trying to destroy our country. It only gets worse if we dont resist!

    dont give up the liberty, that thousands of people sacrificed their lives for. You owe it to them! Defend liberty, no one wants to live in these nightmare police states like '1984'.

  • AntediluvianDog#

    AntediluvianDog January 12, 2013 8:33:14 PM CET

    and that didnt make Alex Jones look crazy how ?

  • Rugger#

    Rugger January 12, 2013 6:37:31 PM CET

    Go Alex Jones good job bro that was awesome and the truth research it people don't take his word for it.

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